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I Fell In Love with Hip-Hop again

Last night I had my faith restored in hip-hop, with Kendrick Lamar’s debut release Good Kid M.a.a.D. City.  With hip-hops growing popularity and crossover into mainstream radio, Kendrick’s album revisits the past glory days of raw hip-hop.  Now a days hip-hop seems to be compromising itself to get radio play in order to get popular appeal and acquire commercial backing.  In other words make a song everybody can sing along with, get more money and more radio play.  Now i used to be severely opposed to this genre of music and only listened to the rappers who i considered deeply lyrical.  As i’ve grown, and more-so as i’ve been beaten over the head with this radio rap, i’ve learned to appreciate it for what its worth.  I mean those radio songs are what get played in the club, and those songs are necessary to get hype and get to feeling yourself.  No disrespect, but not too many people are going to get crunk in the club listening to Nas’s One Mic.  So the club/radio songs serve their purpose.


But with Kendrick Lamar’s newest album, he makes no such compromise, straight lyrical-original content from beginning to end.  One of my favorite aspects of this new album is the skits that lead from one song to next adding continuity to the album.  The skits add to the story, and the whole album seems like a novel composed of musical songs.  It makes sense that on the cover it says, “A Short Film by Kendrick Lamar.”  Because thats what it is, a Compton native narrating his tales as a kid in a city full of hardships and danger, detailing his rise above the circumstances he faced.  And it takes a trained ear to follow Kendrick through his lyrics, because he makes no effort to make it easy for the listener to follow him, in order words, theres no gimmick raps on this album.


Many have donned Kendrick as the artist that will put West Coast hip-hop back on the map, and he definitely has that west coast sound in his music.  But i’d go further to say it’s possible Kendrick might possess the ability to put real lyricism back into hip-hop and make it popular.  Listening to this album gave me a feeling i haven’t felt regarding hip-hop music in a while.  It reminded me of when i first fell in love with hip-hop because of the tales that were told through lyrics.  Riding around listening to this album gave the sense of knowing what would it would be like to be that kid in Compton facing the dangers of gang-related activities.  Shout out to Kendrick for allowing me to experience that without the turmoils of actually having to live that life.  Much appreciation for giving me that feeling of escaping into a different world through music.  


To all the true hip-hop heads, Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid M.a.a.D. City is a must buy.  Fall in love with the long forgotten art of storytelling that hip-hop provides.

Love & Hip-Hop

Ok, so this isn’t a commentary on the popular reality drama Love & Hip-Hop that shows on VH1.  To be honest, i can’t watch more than two minutes of that show without shaking my head in disgust and changing the channel.  Na this is a blog dedicated to my love of hip hop.  In a sense i feel like hip hop has raised me, it has been a source of information and education as i’ve progressed through life.  I first fell in love with hip hop music back in 2001 with Nas’s album Stillmatic.  Up until this point i listened to whatever the radio played and was amused by whatever had a catchy tune.  Thank god for Nas’s song “One Mic” or else Shaggy’s popular song at the time “It wasn’t me” would be one of the songs that molded my adolescence. With Nas, i learned to pay attention to lyrics and appreciate the complexity that it takes to tell a story, rhyme, and keep rhythm to a beat.  To this day Nas remains my favorite Mc because of his intense story telling and skillful lyrical capabilities.

Hip-Hop music has many different genres within itself, theres conscious rap, rap about love, rap about the hard times, party rap, christian rap, rock n roll rap, basically theres hip hop for whatever possible human emotion you could be feeling.  Because individuals who are rapping are telling their story and the story of their peers, they take the emotions of their situations and turn it into art by finding the words and music to convey these situations.

This is a blog dedicated to my love of hip-hop and others who share that same passion.  I want to share with others hip hop from the past that has gained dust on the shelves and been pushed to the side by the new products of hip hop that continuously flood the scene, changing and evolving hip-hop.  Because to appreciate hip-hop fully, you have to appreciate and be mindful of its past.

That being said, we live in a society that is all about the now.  And now, hip-hop is different, it is deeply intertwined in America’s culture becoming more and more popular by the day.  So new artist, new music, and new styles will be updated on this blog as well.

Because of hip-hop’s continuing popularity and ongoing growth, more and more people are becoming involved the music, from artists to producers, photographers to video producers.  So one of my main focuses with this blog will be to give up and coming artists and the like, a platform to share their material.  From high school to college students, and those just looking to share their life and experiences, many people are shooting their shot at breaking out and being heard.  When you check out the site and see an artist u don’t know, don’t just past them by to check out the new song by the artist you already know, give the guys a chance, and who knows, they might just being saying the same thing you’re feeling.

Thats another reason i love hip hop, its available to everybody.  Its a way of sharing our culture with one another, our lives, our experiences.  What we like, what we don’t like.  And thats what CloudyHipHop is all about, so check it out.  If you got music of your own feel free to post it, or holler at me and we can get together and make something happen.  Show people your love for hip hop and maybe people will fall in love with you, or your music that is.